Old Sofa Removal & Disposal Belfast, Bangor, Newtownards

Sofa Removal and Disposal

How to dispose of your old sofa? Simple, call Housily on 07419998922, we offer an sofa removal and disposal service. Prices starting from £60, same day collection subject to availability.

Can you take a sofa to the dump?

Yes, you can take your old sofa to your local recycling centre FREE of charge. Unfortunately removing a sofa is not as easy as you may think for several reasons.

1) You will need two people to move the sofa from where it is located to the vehicle you are using to transport the sofa. 2) If you are planning on hiring or borrowing a van, ensure that you are adequately insured. You must also apply for a permit through your local council. Vans are not permitted into recycling centres without a permit.

Further information on recycling locations, opening hours, permits and Covid 19 updates can be found on Ards and North Down Recycling Centres.

3) Large sofas may be difficult to remove from your house and may need to be dismantled before they can be removed. This requires some experience and additional equipment. 4) Car and trailer is your best option, but hinges on the fact that your vehicle has a towbar and you have access to a trailer. Ensure the trailer is single axle as double axle trailers are not permitted into recycling centres.

Old Sofa Removal: Call 07419998922

Council sofa collection

Most local councils offers a service where bulky items (sofa’s) can be collected for a minimal charge. Ards and North Down council will collect up to 6 items for £15 which is ideal for families on a budget.

Unfortunately there are disadvantages to this service. You may have to wait 2 – 4 weeks before the council has the availability to pick up your items. You must remove the items to be collect from your home and place them by the kerbside by 7:00am of the morning of collection. Staff are not permitted to enter your property under any circumstances to remove items.

Only items that are listed prior to collection will be lifted. Any further adjustments must be amended 48 hours prior to collection.

Prohibited items include: (garden waste, trees, rubble, windows, doors, bathroom suites, kitchen units, boilers, radiators, garden sheds, old timber, fencing, dog kennels, flagstones, kerbs, concrete posts, black bags, packaging and cardboard boxes).

Full and Partial House Clearances

My sofa won’t fit through the door

A common problem when removing an old sofa. New sofas when delivered are wrapped tightly in plastic. This serves two purposes, 1) Protects your new sofa from damage 2) Compresses and reduces the size of the sofa making it easier to be installed.

Once the packaging has been removed your sofa expands to its full size. This means that when you need to remove the sofa the increase in size through expansion can be problematic.

In situations where it is difficult to remove a sofa, dismantling may be the only option. We are experienced in removing all sizes of sofas and are confident we can remove your sofa with minimal disruption.

Sofa removal booking

Contact us below with the following information and we will arrange to collect and dispose of your old sofa.

1) What size is your sofa (3 seater, 2 seater, recliner or combination), 2) Date and time to be collected?