• Oil Tank Removal North Down, Bangor, Newtownards & Belfast

Oil Tank Removal

Removal and recycling service for domestic heating oil tanks across Northern Ireland

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Domestic Oil Tank Removal

Oil tank removal service for domestic households. We remove and dispose of damaged, leaking or obsolete oil tanks, safely and efficiently, often with minimal disruption.

Maybe your switching from heating oil to gas or electric and no longer need an oil tank. Contact Housily for a FREE tailored quotation.

Additional Services

  • The transfer of heating oil from old tank to new tank or the removal of oil from old tank, prior to disposal.
  • Replacement oil tank (single skin or double bonded tanks)
  • New oil tank base supplied and fitted to met OFTEC legalisation
  • Monitor your oil levels from the comfort of your home with the Apollo Ultrasonic Oil Tank Level Monitor / Gauge

Oil Tank Replacement

Oil Tank Removal North Down, Bangor, Newtownards & Belfast

We supply and fit bonded Harlequin oil tanks for double the protection.

Did you know that the average lifespan of domestic oil tanks is 10 years. It is recommended that old tanks be checked regularly for leaks or replaced.

Most old tanks are single skin and prone to leaking once they get old. Bunded oil tanks offer better oil storage and environmental protection. They are double-layered for extra strength and protection against oil spillages and theft.

In addition to removing your old tank, we can also supply, relocate and fit a new single or bonded oil tank.

Have you checked how healthy your oil tank is?

FAQ’s – Oil Storage Tanks

Yes all oil tanks that are removed for disposal must obtain the relevant documents from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA). Once we have collected your tank a certification will be issued shortly after.

Disposal of Domestic Heating Oil Tanks

Contaminated oil tanks must be taken to the appropriately facility to be cleaned and certified.

There are several factors that influence time frame 1) Location of the tank, 2) Does the tank have oil and require draining  3) Tank construction (plastic or steel).

Bunded tanks are effectively a tank within a tank that have the capacity to hold the oil if the first skin were to leak. A bund is a containment system that stops fuel from escaping the tank.

If you can visibly see the cause of  the leak. A simple quick fix is to plug the hole using a bar of soap. This is only a temporary fix, the tank must be drained and removed.

Yes, building regulations stipulate that new oil tanks must be situated

  • 1.8m away from a non-fire rated building or structure (e.g. garden sheds)
  • 1.8m away from openings (such as doors or windows) in a fire rated building or structure (e.g. brick-built house/garage)
  • 760mm away from a non-fire rated boundary, such as a wooden boundary fence
  • 600mm away from screening (e.g. trellis and foliage) that does not form part of the boundary.

The base of your oil tank should evenly support the weight of your tank. If your oil tank is inadequately supported, this will  weaken the tank, leading to a leak.

An oil tank base should be constructed of concrete and be at least 10 cm thick. It should also extend 30 cm wider around all sides than the dimensions of your tank.

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Heating Oil Transfers

Do you need to relocate heating oil from one tank to another?

There are several reasons that may require an oil transfer service.

Tank removal and disposal: Old tanks that are damaged or leaking must be replaced to avoid environmental damage. Any remaining unused oil must be removed prior to removal.

Tank replacement: Replacing your old tank with a new one. We can remove heating oil from your old tank and temporarily store the oil while your new oil tank is installed.

Warning: Redundant fuels need to be removed and recycled safely. If a spillage occurs and oil enters the ground or a water source, you are breaking the law.

New Bonded Tank Installed

Oil Tank Removal