Garden Waste Removal Cost

Garden Waste Removal Guide

What to do with large amounts of garden waste? and what’s the best way to dispose of bulky garden rubbish. Two great questions which I will cover below . The good news is that most garden waste is recyclable which makes things a lot easier for 1) The homeowner or business 2) The garden waste removal company.

Garden waste removal services

If you need to dispose of a sizeable amount garden waste, you have several options that you can avail of. You could dispose of the waste over several weeks using your brown or green bin which all households have for garden waste. In reality it’s not a realistic option for large garden clearances with a lot of garden waste. Instead you may consider one of the following options below.

Option 1: Local skip hire

Hire a skip which can cost from £100 – £250 depending on the size of the skip. The downside with skip hire is that you have to fill the skip yourself and, skip location. Unless you are able to allocate a suitable position near your house or garden for the skip to be dropped off. Hiring a skip could be more of an inconvenience than benefit.

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Option 2: Do it yourself

Break down the garden waste into a suitable size and load the waste into your car or trailer if you have one. Then travel to your nearest recycling centre and dispose of the garden waste in the allocated green waste container. This is certainly the cheapest way of removing garden rubbish, but not without disadvantages.

Garden waste is messy, unless loaded into bags, your guaranteed that your vehicle will need thoroughly cleaned afterwards. A trailer is the most convenient way, but of course hinges on the fact that 1) You own a trailer or can borrow one, 2) You have a towbar on your vehicle with working electrics.

Be aware that if you own or manage to borrow a trailer, it must be a single axle trailer. Double axle trailers are not permitted into recycling centres.

Garden Waste Removal

Option 3: Rubbish removal company

Although I’m slightly biased managing my own house clearance company. Option three in my opinion is the simplest way of disposing of bulk garden waste. Hire a rubbish removal service for the purposes of disposing of your garden waste for you. Outlined below are just some of the benefits of hiring a professional clearance service.

  • Fully licensed to dispose of all types of waste including garden rubbish.
  • We are fully equipped with all the necessary tools to break down garden waste into a manageable size for removal.
  • Say NO to skip hire, we do all the manual lifting and can dispose of your waste either in one of our vans or trailers.
  • We are a local company based in North Down with a service area across Northern Ireland.

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What constitutes as green garden waste?

Understanding what is classed as green garden waste helps everyone to recycle responsibly. Green waste can be thought of as organic waste or biodegradable, meaning, capable of decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms, thereby avoiding pollution. Biodegradable garden waste includes such things as:

  • Grass, hedges and shrub cuttings
  • Leaves and weeds
  • Trees, branches, stumps and tree bark
  • Plants and flowers
  • Vegetarian pet waste (rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters)

Garden waste removal cost

It’s difficult to provide an accurate price on the cost of removing garden waste without inspection. What I can advice is, contact us either using our contact form or give us a call on 0734 231 5580

For FAST quotes, send us several pics via WhatsApp or email with a brief description of what needs to be cleared. We will forward a price and if you are happy with our quote, we will arrange a time and date that suit you.