Garden Shed Removal

Garden Shed Removal

Thinking of removing your garden shed? Maybe you’re upgrading for something bigger or simply want to free up space. Housily offers garden shed removal and disposal service.

Wooden sheds unfortunately don’t last forever. Our UK climate is particularly severe on wooden structures. Sheds can last up to twenty years if they have been treated regularly. Sadly most need dismantled, removed and replaced much sooner.

Wooden structures are classed as temporary buildings. Removal and replacement in most cases does not require planning permission. This of course is great news for homeowners who are planning to upgrade their garden shed to something bigger.

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Shed demolition and removal

Dismantling a shed is a relatively simply process with the average sized garden shed taking as little as 2 hours to disassemble. There are of course a few factors you should consider before starting to demolish your garden shed.

1) What about the contents of your shed, have you available space to store or relocate the items.

2) Disposing of a large amount of timber will require either a skip, trailer or man with a van.

3) If your dismantling the shed yourself, do you have the correct tools, (reciprocating saw, crowbar, sledge hammer, claw hammer).

4) Have you any experience in demolition? DIY accidents cost the NHS 222 million pounds each year.

Shed Disposal

How do I dispose of a my shed during a garden shed removal? There are a few options available for dumping an old shed.

Garden Shed Removal

Do it yourself

The most cost effective way is to remove the shed yourself. This option hinges on the fact that you have a large enough car or access to a trailer, and the right tools for the job.

If you’re using a trailer to dispose of your shed. Be aware that some recycling centres do not allow double axle trailers to enter the premises.

Hire a skip

Not the cheapest option, unless you have hired skips before, it’s fairly difficult to determine what size of skip you will need. Skips in Northern Ireland are generally labelled as (mini, midi, maxi, builder). Unfortunately names and images have little relevance until you actually see the size of the skip

Too big and you have wasted money, too small and you’re left to dump the excess left over. The other downside to skip hire is not just the expense, but the fact you then have to fill the skip yourself.

Man with a van

Hire the services of a man and van offering rubbish removals in your local area. This is probably the best option for several reasons, 1) Cheaper than skip hire, 2) Most man and van services come with labour included 3) Experienced in the art of removal, disposal and recycling.

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Garden shed removal cost

The cost of removing a shed varies depending on its size, and condition. Typically an average sized old shed would cost between £100 – £200 to dismantle and remove. Larger sheds of solid construction will take longer and may require multiple trips to completely remove.

Book a garden shed removal, 1) Contact us via our contact form or call us directly on 0734 231 5580 2) Select a suitable date for your shed removal. We will call on the agreed date and dismantle and clear your shed, we do all the heavy lifting and tidy up after.

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