Skip Alternative For Rubbish Removal

Are you looking for an alternative solution for disposing of waste that is cheaper than a skip. Housily has the answer, we remove all types of waste to include: furniture, garden waste, sheds, rubbish and builders waste. Skip hire is expensive, with the cost of inflation rising, there has never been a better time to find alternative solutions to hiring a skip.

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Cheaper Alternative To Hiring A Skip

Using  google, search for “rubbish removal services”, house clearance company” and you will find alternatives to skip hire. There are companies that specialise in waste removal and are cheaper than a skip. One of main advantages of using a rubbish removal service is wait & load. The term wait and load refers to the time taken to wait, while the van is being loaded.

As I mentioned above Housily performs all types of clearances across Northern Ireland to include: house clearances, commercial clearances. A full list of our services can be found on our services page. We are well mannered, efficient, licensed, highly reviewed and cheaper than a skip. Remove the stress from waste removal, call Terry on 0734 231 5580

Benefits of hiring a rubbish removal service vs hiring a skip

  1. No unsightly skips outside your property
  2. Skip permits are not required
  3. The rubbish removal team will do all the heavy lifting
  4. Waste is priced by weight and volume
  5. Same day waste collections subject to availability
  6. Cheaper alternative to skip hire
  7. Reputable companies are licensed to carry waste

Belfast Rubbish Collection

What Can’t You Put In A Skip?

Not all rubbish can go into a skip, there are certain items that are prohibited. Skip hire companies have an obligation to recycle as much waste as possible. For this reason all skips once full are lifted and taken to a transfer station where the waste is sorted and recycled. Below is a list of prohibited items that cannot go into a skip.

Fridges, Freezers, Asbestos, Plasterboard, Batteries, Old TV’s, Medical Waste, Gas Canisters, Oil, Paint, Petrol, Tyres, Computers Screens. Before hiring a skip consider the types of waste you will be disposing off.

Can You Deposit A Builders Skip On The Road?

If you’re planning to place your skip on a public road/street you first must apply for consent, according to the roads Northern Ireland order 1993. The householder is required to provide the following information.

1. Address of the premises where the works are taking place 2. Description of where the skip will be placed 3. Address of the applicant 4. Date the skip is to be delivered 5. Skip hire companies details

Do You Need A Skip Permit

Further information can be found at NI Direct – Application for a builders skip.

Disadvantages Of Skip Hire

One of the disadvantages of hiring a skip, is waiting for the skip to be collected. What If I only need to hire the skip for a few hours? Regardless, you may still have to wait several days before your skip is picked up. This can be a problem, as it gives wrongdoers the opportunity to illegally dump waste into your skip, even if it’s already full.

Until your skip is lifted, you are responsible, overfilling above the LEVEL LOAD ONLY can result in extra charges. Other disadvantages include:

  • Not an ideal solution for small rubbish clearances
  • Difficulty calculating the size of skip required, (mini, builders, jumbo)
  • Applying for consent to place the skip on the road/street
  • Having to load the waste yourself
  • Heavy skip can cause damage to driveways
  • Difficulty fitting large awkward items into the skip (sofas, furniture)

Skip Alternative For Rubbish Removal

Do you need to dispose of bulky waste, (furniture, mattresses, sofas, trees, white goods)? Expensive skip hire is not the answer, bulky shaped items do not fit in a skip, unless you break them down into smaller pieces.

What about skip sizing? do you know the size of skip you require? Most people don’t and guesstimate the size before ordering. You either guess correct and all your rubbish/waste fits into the skip, or it’s to small/big.

Hire the services of a professional clearance company, save time, stress, cheaper than a skip! In my opinion skip hire is ideally suited for very heavy waste, (soil, rubble, sand, stones, pavers, bricks). For normal rubbish removal there are other cheaper than a skip options.

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Can You Clear A House Before Probate?

Probate is a widely-used term. However, not many people understand what it means to remove and dispose of a deceased person’s possessions. Contrary to popular belief, the selling of a property in probate can be a straightforward part of the process. However, you must understand whether you can clear a house before probate in Northern Ireland.

When it comes to the contents of these properties, things can become a little more complicated. You will attach emotional value to personal possessions, as well as a financial figure. Also, there could be a certain amount of pressure to get the property in a fit state to sell. Therefore, removing possessions, clearing away rubbish, and dealing with unwanted features will be a priority to secure a quick sale.

Knowing what is required for probate house clearance and having a plan is essential. It will help you deal with the stress and emotions of this challenging situation. This guide aims to explain what happens during the process of house clearance during probate in Northern Ireland. Therefore, you will also discover when you need to wait for probate to be granted before clearing a property. Also, what things you should be thinking about when disposing of the deceased person’s possessions.

What Is Probate?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of house clearance, let’s take a brief look at what probate is. Then, you can decide whether you can clear a house before probate. We must stress at this point that this article does not provide any legal advice. Therefore, you should only make decisions regarding probate matters, having discussed them with a legal professional.

Probate is the judicial process of proving the true testament of a deceased person. Granting probate starts the process of administering the dead person’s estate. It works for settling any claims, and distributing property and possessions under a will.

Can You Clear A House Clearance Before Probate Process?

The inheritance tax (IHT) threshold is currently £325,000. If the deceased person’s estate is under this value, it is typically okay to commence house clearance before probate. Even so, it is recommended that you keep records of anything that is sold. This will cover you in case there are any questions later in the process from HMRC. Also, disputes can often arise between family members over particular items and not necessarily the most valuable ones.

If the estate is close to the IHT threshold, you need to avoid any issues that might arise. For example, you might need to get a valuation of the chattels (the deceased person’s possessions) from a professional valuer in such a case. In addition, you should pay particular attention to furniture, antiques, and other items of financial value.

Getting such a valuation will help you avoid too much scrutiny should the HMRC get involved. Even if any investigation concluded the estate was under the IHT threshold, it would take considerable time and delay the probate process.

Another valid reason for attaining a professional valuation is in the distribution of chattels. Items that have been written into a will or gifted can be identified. These can then be distributed according to the deceased person’s final wishes.

When the chattels have been identified and distributed, you can concentrate on getting the property ready for sale. The first thing you will need to do is arrange to get the property cleared, as doing so will make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Arranging a Probate House Clearance in Northern Ireland

Arranging a probate house clearance is relatively straightforward. In most cases, this can be done based on photographs or video footage of the property and contents. However, in some cases, the house clearance company may need to visit the property to conduct a site survey.

You’ll be given a quote based on the number of items to be cleared and the difficulty in moving particular objects. For instance, there may be fixed or more significant features that need to be removed, garden furniture, garden shed, and other oversize items.

To arrange a probate house clearance contact Housily on 0734 231 5580 or email

Importance of Dignity and Respect During Probate House Clearance

You may have already consulted with a professional valuer and distributed the chattels. In this case, all that might remain are possessions that have no particular financial or emotional value. In this case, the probate house clearance is generally straightforward. However, you might be in a position whereby you want all of the possessions cleared too.

Regardless of the situation, the house clearance company must show dignity and respect during the clearance process. The contents of the property were the personal possessions of someone you were close to, and it is crucial that everyone understands and respects the emotions involved. A good house clearance company will understand this, and they should conduct their business accordingly.

Very often, during a probate house clearance, items might appear that you have overlooked. They might have little financial value, but they can have significant emotional attachments and evoke memories. Therefore, your choice of clearance company should be one that you know will have the appropriate level of empathy and understanding of this delicate time.

How Quick Can You Clear A House Before Probate?

No two probate house clearances are the same. Properties will differ in size, accessibility, and quantity of contents. Another factor is the number of sentimental items there are around the property. These items have significant emotional value, so the clearance company needs to take additional care moving them.

On the other extreme, there could be a lot of non-personal items of clutter that the owner hoarded. Such items also need care in moving, as they could conceal valuable items or hazards, both of which require care in handling.

Therefore, it is challenging to give a standard estimate of the duration without conducting either a remote or on-site survey. An experienced clearance company should provide an accurate time for the task, having completed a survey.

You should be cautious of companies who promise to turn up immediately and give you a flat fee without discussing your situation in detail. Also, if you rush to deal with a clearance company solely based on them providing the cheapest quote or fastest time, you could suffer disappointment.

Firstly, the time it takes will likely be longer, and the price higher. Unfortunately, some operators will use the situation of a probate house clearance to leverage more from you. Moreover, they will unlikely be respectful of the situation and the emotional sensitivity surrounding a probate house clearance, which could lead to additional stress and anxiety.

Clearing of Low-Value Items Before Probate Process

Even though all of the items in the property will probably have been personal possessions of the deceased, it is unlikely that you will want to keep everything. But, of course, it would be comforting to know that someone is merely throwing away a loved one’s clothes, ornaments, and other low-value items.

You should choose a company that will ensure these items find a new home, recycle them, or donate them to charity. Also, relatives often find it easier to let go of items knowing someone will dispose of them with respect.

Clearing Rubbish and Waste During Probate

Inevitably, there is going to be some waste and rubbish results from a probate house clearance. It goes without saying, your probate house clearance company should dispose of waste ethically and legally. They should ensure that everything they can recycle, they do. Also, only the absolute minimum goes to an authorised landfill site. A good tip is to look out for the universal recycling logo on the company’s website or marketing material.

Calculating the Value of the House Contents

Finding yourself in the middle of sorting out a house clearance during probate might have been something you’ve been expecting. More likely, it may have come as a bolt from the blue. Either way, it is not the most pleasant situation to be in. Especially since you have to consider the value of things and how to dispose of property and possessions.

Doing this can be challenging if you are not using a professional valuer. This is particularly the case when so many house contents will have emotional value. As far as financial value goes, much of the personal possessions will have no significant worth. However, some items will surprise you in terms of their worth, and it is crucial that you can identify these.

It is best if you try to adopt a systematic approach to the valuation process. Therefore, go through each room one by one, making a note of anything you think may be of value. You can then use an internet search to get a rough idea of the items’ values.

Then, when it comes to the house clearance, you can ask the house clearance team to remove the items, leave them to one side, or negotiate a sale as part of the clearance project. But, of course, this takes time and effort to complete. Many people dealing with a probate house clearance do not welcome the additional hassle at such a difficult time.

Things To Check During Probate House Clearance

However, if you do decide that you want to value the contents yourself, lookout for the following items:

  • Antique furniture, pottery, and ornaments.
  • Jewellery and precious gemstones.
  • Concealed bundles of cash.
  • Gold, silver, and other precious metal objects.
  • Artwork.
  • Old books (possible first editions).
  • Sculptures.
  • Designer clothing.
  • Musical instruments.
  • New electronic devices.

An excellent place to check if there are any items of significant value is the home contents insurance policy. Often, the owner will have had to individually itemise items of value within the policy. Have a copy of this policy as you go around the property valuing the contents.

Can You Clear A Housing Executive Property Before Probate?

Clearing a privately-owned home during probate is stressful enough. However, you should have all the time you need to go through the process at the pace you wish. Unfortunately, it is not always the case when it comes to council-owned or Northern Ireland Housing Executive housing.

There’s tremendous pressure on the Housing Executive to free up vacant properties and get a new tenant in. Unfortunately, this can mean that you have additional pressure of clearing the property as quickly as possible. It is not a case of the authorities showing a lack of compassion, but more part of the administrative process.

In such conditions, you may need to pay sufficient rent to cover the period of probate. Therefore, you should consider this cost and weigh it up against clearing the property as soon as possible. You may likely find that you can save money by quickly clearing the probate property. This option might be preferable, rather than spending time valuing personal possessions.

You should also be aware that you will need to remove the carpets for Housing Executive house clearances during probate. These are unlikely to be of much value since the owner will have sized them to the individual property. It is good to know these things, as failure to leave the property in the required state can incur charges. However, a reliable company will understand these requirements and keep you on the right track during your probate house clearance.


When it comes to dealing with a probate house clearance, or deciding whether you can clear house before probate, there are many things to consider. Deciding what to clear, getting valuations for significant possessions, and organising the clearance all take time and mental effort. Therefore, it is crucial that you select a house clearance company that will support you through this difficult time. A good company will help by removing much of the stress involved in the process.

Moreover, you will want a firm that has experience, shows respect, and is understanding of this difficult situation. If you need any further help, assistance, or information regarding probate house clearance in Northern Ireland, or whether you can clear a house before probate in Northern Ireland, please contact Housily today.

Sofa Removal and Disposal

Do you need to dispose of your old sofa (couch), contact Housily today to book our sofa removal service 0734 231 5580. Fully insured and licensed waste carriers working across Northern Ireland.

Same day collections for bulky items, subject to availability, we do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. All staff are respectful of social distancing and were masks while working.

Council sofa collection?

Can you take a sofa to the dump? Yes, you can take your old sofa to your local recycling centre FREE of charge. Unfortunately removing a sofa is not as easy as you may think for several reasons.

1) You will need two people to move the old sofa from where it is located to the vehicle you are using to transport the sofa. 2) If you are planning on hiring or borrowing a van, ensure that you are adequately insured. You must also apply for a permit through your local council. Vans are not permitted into recycling centres without a permit.

3) Large sofas may be difficult to remove from your house and may need to be dismantled before they can be removed. This requires some experience and additional equipment. 4) Car and trailer is your best option, but hinges on the fact that your vehicle has a towbar and you have access to a trailer. Ensure the trailer is single axle as double axle trailers are not permitted into recycling centres.

Old Sofa Removal: Call 0734 231 5580

Areas we cover: Donaghadee, Comber, Millisle, Ballywalter, Ballyhalbert, Portaferry, Bangor, Newtownards, Dundonald, Holywood, Belfast, Carryduff, Crumlin, Lisburn, Newtownabbey, Carrickfergus, Hillsborough.

Council sofa collection

Most local councils offers a service where bulky items (sofa’s, furniture) can be collected for a minimal charge. Ards and North Down council will collect up to 6 items for £15 which is ideal for families on a budget.

Unfortunately there are disadvantages to this service. You may have to wait 2 – 4 weeks before the council has the availability to pick up your items. You must remove the items to be collected from your home and place them by the kerbside by 7:00am of the morning of collection. Staff are not permitted to enter your property under any circumstances to remove items.

Only items that are listed prior to collection will be lifted. Any further adjustments must be amended 48 hours prior to collection.

Prohibited items include: (garden waste, trees, rubble, windows, doors, bathroom suites, kitchen units, boilers, radiators, garden sheds, old timber, fencing, dog kennels, flagstones, kerbs, concrete posts, black bags, packaging and cardboard boxes).

House Clearances Across Northern Ireland

Sofa dismantling

A common problem when removing an old sofa. New sofas when delivered are wrapped tightly in plastic. This serves two purposes, 1) Protects your new sofa from damage 2) Compresses and reduces the size of the sofa making it easier to be installed.

Once the packaging has been removed your sofa expands to its full size. This means that when you need to remove the sofa the increase in size through expansion can be problematic.

In situations where it is difficult to remove, sofa dismantling may be the only option. We are experienced in removing all sizes of sofas and are confident we can remove your sofa with minimal disruption.

Sofa removal booking

Contact us below with the following information and we will arrange to collect and dispose of your old sofa.

1) What size is your sofa (3 seater, 2 seater, recliner or combination), 2) Date and time to be collected?

Garden Shed Removal

Thinking of removing your garden shed? Maybe you’re upgrading for something bigger or simply want to free up space. Housily offers garden shed removal and disposal service.

Wooden sheds unfortunately don’t last forever. Our UK climate is particularly severe on wooden structures. Sheds can last up to twenty years if they have been treated regularly. Sadly most need dismantled, removed and replaced much sooner.

Wooden structures are classed as temporary buildings. Removal and replacement in most cases does not require planning permission. This of course is great news for homeowners who are planning to upgrade their garden shed to something bigger.

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Shed demolition and removal

Dismantling a shed is a relatively simply process with the average sized garden shed taking as little as 2 hours to disassemble. There are of course a few factors you should consider before starting to demolish your garden shed.

1) What about the contents of your shed, have you available space to store or relocate the items.

2) Disposing of a large amount of timber will require either a skip, trailer or man with a van.

3) If your dismantling the shed yourself, do you have the correct tools, (reciprocating saw, crowbar, sledge hammer, claw hammer).

4) Have you any experience in demolition? DIY accidents cost the NHS 222 million pounds each year.

Shed Disposal

How do I dispose of a my shed during a garden shed removal? There are a few options available for dumping an old shed.

Garden Shed Removal

Do it yourself

The most cost effective way is to remove the shed yourself. This option hinges on the fact that you have a large enough car or access to a trailer, and the right tools for the job.

If you’re using a trailer to dispose of your shed. Be aware that some recycling centres do not allow double axle trailers to enter the premises.

Hire a skip

Not the cheapest option, unless you have hired skips before, it’s fairly difficult to determine what size of skip you will need. Skips in Northern Ireland are generally labelled as (mini, midi, maxi, builder). Unfortunately names and images have little relevance until you actually see the size of the skip

Too big and you have wasted money, too small and you’re left to dump the excess left over. The other downside to skip hire is not just the expense, but the fact you then have to fill the skip yourself.

Man with a van

Hire the services of a man and van offering rubbish removals in your local area. This is probably the best option for several reasons, 1) Cheaper than skip hire, 2) Most man and van services come with labour included 3) Experienced in the art of removal, disposal and recycling.

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Garden shed removal cost

The cost of removing a shed varies depending on its size, and condition. Typically an average sized old shed would cost between £100 – £200 to dismantle and remove. Larger sheds of solid construction will take longer and may require multiple trips to completely remove.

Book a garden shed removal, 1) Contact us via our contact form or call us directly on 0734 231 5580 2) Select a suitable date for your shed removal. We will call on the agreed date and dismantle and clear your shed, we do all the heavy lifting and tidy up after.

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What Is A House Clearance Service

What is a house clearance service? Great question. House clearances refer to the clearing out or dispersing off the entire contents of a house. This is not the same as a removal service where the contents are moved from one location to another.

Although, some house clearance companies do offer a removal service as well as house clearances.

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Types of house clearances

  • Probate clearance, an estate (home) has been placed into the hands of a solicitor to deal with the deceased persons assets.
  • Compulsive hoarder, the excessive accumulation of items that has become problematic and need to be cleared.
  • Garden clearance, the removal of garden waste to include, trees, shrubs, grass cuttings, leaves, weeds, fencing, garden furniture, sheds).
  • Builders clearance, excess materials left over from a building or renovation project, plasterboard, bricks, blocks cement, sand, wood, stones.

What Is A House Clearance Service

Free House Clearance

Do free house clearances actually exist? Unfortunately in reality it is very unlikely, unless. The items to be cleared can offset the expense of transportation and labour costs. In most cases items of value have already been sold on, ebay, gumtree, preloved or facebook. This leaves larger items of furniture, which have a relatively low second hand value.

Understandably the items of a loved ones who have recently passed have sentimental value. But in the harsh world we live in, most people want, new, modern. This makes it increasingly difficult for a house clearance company to offer their services for FREE.

If there’s enough revenue accumulated from the sales of goods to cover costs. Then YES, you could acquire a free house clearance.

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What Is A House Clearance Service

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Bulk waste removals items

Below is a list of items that are typically cleared during a house clearance.

Bed Frames – Mattresses – Drawers – Wardrobe – Sofas – Chairs – Tables – Dressers – Sideboards – Units – Carpets, Clothing – Doors – Insulation – Kitchen Units – Mirrors – Sinks – Cabinets – TV’s – Washing Machines – Tumble Dryers – Dishwashers – Fridges – Radiators – Boilers – Fencing – Trees – Grass Cuttings – Branches – Pavers – Flags – Bricks – Wood – Garden Sheds – Decking – General Rubbish

House clearances near you

Housily offers house clearances and rubbish removal services across Northern Ireland. We are licensed to carry waste, fully insured and all our quotations include fuel and labour. Say NO to skip hire, avoid additional Vat charges.

Book a house clearance service, 1) Contact us via our contact form or call us directly on 0734 231 5580 2) Select a suitable date and time and leave the rest to use. We will call on the agreed date and clear all the items requested, we do all the heavy lifting and sweep up after.

If you have any questions, please refer to our frequently asked questions where most commonly asked questions are answered.

Man and Van vs Removal Company

Thinking of hiring the services of a man with van or a removal company. Before making your decision, there are a few things you should consider as there are distinct differences between a man and van vs removal company.

Moving house or premises is one of the most stressful events in our lives, along with death and divorce. Ensuring you employ the right people to help with your move is essential. Below is a list of valid points for reflection, once answered will help you determine whether a man with a van or a removal company is best suited for the task.

Man and Van vs Removal Company

1) Consider the accumulated mileage involved moving from point A to point B. Remember to account for any additional stoppages to pick up other items that may be in storage or another location.

2) What types of items need to be moved, (sofa’s, wardrobes, fridges, washing machines, desks, garden shed). It really helps to make a list, as this will give you a real sense of the size of the move.

3) Do you require help with packaging, valuable items should always be carefully packed. Your belongings can become easily damaged in transit unless additional precautions are taken.

4) Have you considered labour, do you need help to move, if you do, how much help, one, two or three men.

5) Probably one of the most important factors when considering a man and van vs removal company, COST. What is your budget for your move.

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Man and Van vs Removal Company

Man with Van Removals & Clearances

After considering the points above, I’m sure you have a better understanding of who you need to hire. Let’s clarify the difference between a man and van vs removal company.

A man with a van would be Ideally suited for smaller house moves, partial removals or single items. Your final destination should not be excessively far from the origin, allowing for multiple trips if required.

Some man and van services have several vehicles available for hire (luton van, lwb van, swb van). Depending on the number of items, size, weight and distance would determine the type of vehicle. 

Reputable man and van services, including ourselves, Housily are fully licensed to goods and waste. Should you need to dispose of certain items, then a man and van offering house clearances might be a good option.

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Removal Company

If your relocating or simply moving city, hiring a dedicated moving company might make more sense. Removal companies are equipped with large removal trucks that can handle full house moves without having to make a return journey. They also offer a packaging service where all your belongings are professionally wrapped, boxed, labeled and loaded.

Some of the additional services offered are: (storage, international relocation, furniture removal, house & office removals). Most established removal companies are licensed and insured to handle your goods.

The major downside is cost, most large removal companies are Vat registered, so you’re automatically paying an extra 20%. Add on additional services, packaging, helpers, and the cost of your move could suddenly skyrocket.

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Man and Van vs Removal Company

From my own personal point of view managing a house clearance company. If you’re looking for the most affordable solution for small to medium size removals and clearances. Then a man and van service would be the cheaper choice, we don’t charge VAT, all prices include fuel and labour. We do all the heavy lifting, are fully insured, licensed and value your custom.

Interested in booking our man and van service. Use our contact form, select a suitable date and provide a brief description of the items to be moved or cleared.

Garden Waste Removal Guide

What to do with large amounts of garden waste? and what’s the best way to dispose of bulky garden rubbish. Two great questions which I will cover below . The good news is that most garden waste is recyclable which makes things a lot easier for 1) The homeowner or business 2) The garden waste removal company.

Garden waste removal services

If you need to dispose of a sizeable amount garden waste, you have several options that you can avail of. You could dispose of the waste over several weeks using your brown or green bin which all households have for garden waste. In reality it’s not a realistic option for large garden clearances with a lot of garden waste. Instead you may consider one of the following options below.

Option 1: Local skip hire

Hire a skip which can cost from £100 – £250 depending on the size of the skip. The downside with skip hire is that you have to fill the skip yourself and, skip location. Unless you are able to allocate a suitable position near your house or garden for the skip to be dropped off. Hiring a skip could be more of an inconvenience than benefit.

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Option 2: Do it yourself

Break down the garden waste into a suitable size and load the waste into your car or trailer if you have one. Then travel to your nearest recycling centre and dispose of the garden waste in the allocated green waste container. This is certainly the cheapest way of removing garden rubbish, but not without disadvantages.

Garden waste is messy, unless loaded into bags, your guaranteed that your vehicle will need thoroughly cleaned afterwards. A trailer is the most convenient way, but of course hinges on the fact that 1) You own a trailer or can borrow one, 2) You have a towbar on your vehicle with working electrics.

Be aware that if you own or manage to borrow a trailer, it must be a single axle trailer. Double axle trailers are not permitted into recycling centres.

Garden Waste Removal

Option 3: Rubbish removal company

Although I’m slightly biased managing my own house clearance company. Option three in my opinion is the simplest way of disposing of bulk garden waste. Hire a rubbish removal service for the purposes of disposing of your garden waste for you. Outlined below are just some of the benefits of hiring a professional clearance service.

  • Fully licensed to dispose of all types of waste including garden rubbish.
  • We are fully equipped with all the necessary tools to break down garden waste into a manageable size for removal.
  • Say NO to skip hire, we do all the manual lifting and can dispose of your waste either in one of our vans or trailers.
  • We are a local company based in North Down with a service area across Northern Ireland.

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What constitutes as green garden waste?

Understanding what is classed as green garden waste helps everyone to recycle responsibly. Green waste can be thought of as organic waste or biodegradable, meaning, capable of decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms, thereby avoiding pollution. Biodegradable garden waste includes such things as:

  • Grass, hedges and shrub cuttings
  • Leaves and weeds
  • Trees, branches, stumps and tree bark
  • Plants and flowers
  • Vegetarian pet waste (rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters)

Garden waste removal cost

It’s difficult to provide an accurate price on the cost of removing garden waste without inspection. What I can advice is, contact us either using our contact form or give us a call on 0734 231 5580

For FAST quotes, send us several pics via WhatsApp or email with a brief description of what needs to be cleared. We will forward a price and if you are happy with our quote, we will arrange a time and date that suit you.